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About Us

Southern Flooring is a company with a strong heritage and an equally strong committment to quality. As a family company, we understand that our name is on the line every time we do business. We've been around for over 40 years, and we plan to be here for 40 more—serving our customers with the best products and service available.

Our Founder

mfmplagueIn 1952, our company founder, Jim Counihan, left his family's farm in County Kerry, Ireland, to search for work in London, England. After spending nearly a year digging natural gas lines in downtown London and another year working on the railroad, one of his co-workers asked if he was interested in installing flooring for a company called Granwood. Jim was hired by Granwood in 1954. Within just nine months, he became a Crew Leader. Two years later, after hearing of the available opportunities in Toronto, Canada, Jim shipped out in September of 1955. Roughly, a year and a half later, he had saved enough money to sail back to London to marry his bride, Pam, and return to Toronto.

Eventually Jim immigrated to the United States. He first traveled to the US on a work visa to train workers in New Orleans on how to install a floor correctly. In 1965, Jim came to Greenville, SC, to buy into a new American Granwood Franchise. Jim was a foreman for American Granwood until 1972, and he left owning approximately twenty five percent of the franchise.

The Establishment of Southern Flooring
The same year Jim left Granwood, he founded Southern Flooring, Inc. Since that time, Southern Flooring has installed more than seventeen million square feet of sports flooring. Southern Flooring has earned a reputation as one of the largest sports flooring companies in the country and one of the most recognized names in the industry.

Jim holds twelve sports flooring patents. (Patent numbers: 7,096,631, 6,164,031, 6,158,185, 6,115,981, 6,055,785, 5,906,082, 5,647,183, 5,497,590, 5,369,927, 5,016,413, 4,599,842, 4,170,842.) Several of these patents are licensed to some of the largest sports flooring mills in the world. Prominent universities and professional sports teams all over the globe play on Jim's designs. In 2008, Jim Counihan was inducted into the Maple Floor Manufacturers Association Hall of Fame for his innovation and outstanding work in the field of hardwood sports flooring.

Future of the Company
After nearly 50 years of hard work and perseverance in the flooring industry, Jim retired in 2006. James, Jim's only son, has now taken on the responsibility of the day-to-day operations of Southern Flooring, after having worked along side his father for 27 years. And with a new generation of leadership, the Southern Flooring tradition of excellence and innovation continues.