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Granwood System


Granwood flooring systems combine the elegance of wood with the exceptional versatility of design offered by tiles. They also offer a real alternative to the use of hardwoods without any of the performance or environmental disadvantages of timber. At the heart of Granwood flooring systems are the unique Granwood composition blocks, made from a combination of cement, by-product softwood sawdust, fillers, binders, and pigments. Granwood composition blocks are formed under high pressure, impregnated with linseed oil and heat cured for excellent stability.
The result is a product that is . . .

  • environmentally sound
  • resistant to fire
  • resistant wet and dry rot
  • withstands extremes of temperature and humidity
  • can cope with virtually every type of use and abuse

Durability and Easy Maintenance

Granwood floors are particularly suitable for dedicated sports complexes where floor performance is of the highest importance. Sports hall floors have to withstand heavy, often abrasive traffic and, where commercial necessity demands, are prone to abuse as often as normal use. Granwood flooring systems take all this in stride and are easily and simply cleaned. The hard wearing polyurethane seal means that day-to-day cleaning is easily accomplished with an impregnated dry mop. For heavy soiling, our flooring systems can be wet scrubbed and washed to return them to their original state.

The Granwood flooring systems allow games court markings to be provided by surface painting as part of the sealing operation or by installing permanent, maintenance free inlaid Granline markings as the floor is installed.