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For durability, ball rebound, beauty, and player safety, a traditional hardwood athletic floor is hard to beat. At Southern Flooring, we install and service hardwood flooring systems by several of the finest manufacturers in the United States. We also manufacture our own proprietary line of Maple floors that are second to none. Choose from the following list of manufacturers to see available flooring lines . . .

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With its own northern hardwood timberlands, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and 100+ years of experience, Aacer controls every aspect of the process, from forest to floor. Aacer provides a full array of Performance Maple Systems:

  • AacerChannel System designed for easy installation, aacerfloorMonolithic subfloor with full flex, anchor ensures system stability, reduces injuries, laboratory-tested shock absorption, deformation control, and ball rebound.
  • Powerplay Increased shock-absorbency/energy return, Time-saving installation design, able to withstand changes in environmental conditions, increased sound attenuation.
  • Anchorflex Can be customized with adjustable spacing to meet specific activity needs. Anchor ensures system stability.
  • Aacerflex Precision-engineered pad integrates load bearing ability with enhanced athletic performance. Three-point contact Aacerflex pad disperses the load and provides uniform response.
  • PowerSleeper Provides increased structural integrity, shock absorbency, and energy return. Ideal for new and retrofit sports applications and commercial projects.
  • Aacercush I, II, III Traditional athletic floor systems; shock absorbent, low-cost, and easy-to-install.
  • Aacer AirFlex This criss-cross airflow subfloor design creates a dimensionally stable system with maximum subfloor mass and force reduction.
  • AacerLoc System provides fast ball-response, longevity, and integrated expansion. Least prone to buckling. Suitable for retrofits and remodels.
  • Aacer Fixed Sleeper A traditional basketball floor, suitable when maximum performance and structural integrity are essential.
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Action Floor Systems are made with the finest white maple grown exclusively in northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Beneath the wood, a comprehensive selection of subfloor systems offers the perfect choice for any application or budget.

  • ProAction Thrust actionfloor
  • ProAction Flex
  • ChannelFlex Plus
  • ChannelFlex II
  • ActionThrust I
  • Concorde Concorde II
  • Action Interloc I
  • Action Interloc II
  • ActionCush I
  • ActionCush II
  • ActionCush II Plus
  • Anchored ActionCush II Plus
  • ActionLoc
  • Anchor Flex LP & Anchor Flex DIN
  • Anchor Tech LP
  • ActionFast
  • ActionFlex
  • Action Fixed-Sleeper
  • ActionWood
  • ActionWood Plus
  • ActionWood Flex
  • Action PowerChannel

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Plyboo's bamboo athletic flooring, PlybooSport, is designed with performance and sustainability in mind and is offered in three activity-specific systems. Whether you need ball bounce for basketball, shock absorbency for dance and aerobics, or a DIN rated system for multi-use purposes, PlybooSport has you covered. PlybooSport is a bamboo sports floor that retains the color, strength, and stability of a traditional court surface.

Benefits of PlybooSport . . . plyboofloor2

- Color "grade 1 or better" based on maple rating and grading
- 6 foot lengths mean faster install and fewer butt joints
- Greater dimensional stability than solid maple flooring
- Average hardness greater than maple
- Precision milling means less overwood to sand
- All standard sports floor finishes and gameline paints compatible

PlybooSport systems include:

  • PlybooSport Soft Touch-Y - This floor system with greater force reduction is designed for activities such as aerobics or dance, where greater shock absorbency is desirable.
  • PlybooSport Multi-Use-W - This floor system is designed to meet the requirements of DIN 18032 Part II (1991) which has been a worldwide sports floor standard for many decades.
  • PlybooSport Pro-B - This floor system with a high ball-rebound value and low force reduction is designed to meet the requirements for basketball court use.

Download PlybooSport Catalog

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At Southern Flooring, we manufacture our own line of high-quality wood sports floors. Our company founder, Jim Counihan, is responsible for engineering and patenting some of the most innovative sports flooring systems available today. His designs have added resilience to rigid systems, eliminated dead spots from floating systems, and have greatly improved the ability of these floors to adapt to changes in relative humidity.

Our line of flooring systems includes options for all types of usage, climates, and building structure. Contact us to find out which system is best for your needs, or click the links below to download the brochures for each system.southernfloor2

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