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A quality athletic floor is a major investment for your organization. Protect your investment and keep your floor looking great by using Southern Flooring for all your maintenance needs. And when damage occurs, let Southern Flooring's repair specialists restore your floor to its original beauty.

We believe a high quality floor that is properly maintained should last a lifetime. That's why customers who allow Southern Flooring to perform their yearly floor maintenance receive extended warranty coverage both from Southern Flooring and from the floor's manufacturer.

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Common causes of floor damage include . . .

  • Water - Moisture is the enemy of your floor, whether it exists on the surface of the floor, underneath it, or in the humidity of the environment. Southern Flooring can help prevent and repair damage caused by moisture.
  • Dust and Dirt - Small particles like dust and dirt will scratch the finish of your floor and can also make the surface slippery and dangerous for athletes. Southern Flooring can teach your staff how to properly remove dust and dirt to keep your floor's finish brilliant.
  • Street Shoes - Street shoes cause scrapes and scuff marks and are major culprits for bringing dirt onto the floor. Our experts can show you which products are best for removing scuff marks and, if needed, can repair the damage caused by street shoes.
  • Household Cleaners - Most common cleaners are not appropriate for use on athletic floors. Wood floors in particular must be maintained with specially-formulated sports floor cleaning products. Let Southern Flooring show you the best brands of cleaners and how to use them.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

  • Keep atmospheric moisture in check in your facility by running the HVAC system at all times.
  • Prohibit the wearing of street shoes on your floor.
  • Dust mop the floor regularly. (We recommend dust mopping after every 2 hours of use.)
  • Damp clean the floor on a weekly basis.
  • Have you floor screened and recoated every year by the experts at Southern Flooring.

Vinyl and Synthetic Floor Maintenance Tips

Synthetic floors also require proper cleaning and maintenance to stay looking great. Because the materials that make up each brand of sythetic flooring are different, the maintenance regimens are also different. Contact Southern Flooring to find out what steps you should be taking to extend the life of your particular floor. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Place walk-off matts at each entrance to the building to reduce dirt and grit tracked onto the floor. (Note: Rubber mats should not be placed on top of certain types of synthetic floors. Check your floor maintenance guide or contact Southern Flooring before using rubber mats on your floor.)
  • Minor heel and scuff marks can often be removed by gently scrubbing with a soft, clean cloth. Larger scuffs may require the use of an approved cleaning solvent.
  • Clean up all spills promptly.
  • Check wheels of all equipment that will be used on the floor; certain types of synthetic floors can be damaged by metal wheels.

Download Gerflor Taraflex Maintenance Guide

Floor Screening & Recoating Process